What we do

Through media, research and education we aim to raise awareness on critical conservation issues such as biodiversity loss and habitat degradation.

Globally many species are going extinct unnoticed, and pristine habitats are fragmented, irreversibly degraded, or destroyed. Iran is no exception. Like all cultures, there are some unique elements and nuances in Iran that must be addressed in accordance with local traditions and accepted practices. There is a constant struggle between local communities’ desired use versus sustainable use of their natural resources. The Persian Wildlife Foundation focuses on exactly this issue in conjunction with helping some of the threatened fauna from being further diminished or even going extinct. Sustainable use of natural resources is the only method by which the long- term survivability of species can be guaranteed. 

We focus our project on the following activities:

  • Wildlife research and on-the-ground conservation efforts
  • Publications and films about wildlife, landscapes and seascapes of Iran
  • Informative newsletters about the status of wildlife and current conservation efforts in Iran
  • Providing access to a publically accessible database of publications and dissertations on the wildlife of Iran
  • Organizing scientific exchanges between Iranian and international conservation specialists
  • Promoting awareness of conservation issues amongst the Iranian diaspora
  • Promoting awareness of Iranian conservation issues and initiatives to the international community
  • Funding conservation and related research initiatives 


Common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

Brown bear (Ursus arctos)

Eurasian hobby (Falco subbuteo) 




Species extinctions often stem from a lack of awareness about the threats that constantly face these species. By influencing people’s attitudes and behavior, conservation education can greatly increase the possibility of coexistence between humans and wildlife. 

Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) lives in the mountainous regions of the Persian Plateau.